subway Commonwealth Games small                                       Virginia Commonwealth Games at Liberty University

Residency Requirements:

The following people may participate in the Virginia Commonwealth Games: 1) Residents of Virginia for 30 days prior to the first day of competition - OR - 2) Students enrolled at a Virginia academic institution - OR - 3) U.S. Military personnel or family members stationed at a base in Virginia.

Exceptions: Persons residing in adjacent states who belong to a club based in Virginia which regularly competes in Virginia, and whose home state either does not have a state games, or does not sponsor the sport in question.

Amateur Status:

All athletes must meet amateur guidelines as defined by the National Governing Body rules for their particular sport.

In general, age divisions will be determined by the athlete's age as of the first day of competition. There will be certain exceptions, noted under individual sports.
Other Eligibility Requirements:

Certain sports will have defined events, age groups, disciplines and participation limits. Any application submitted not meeting the above criteria will be acted upon under the discretion of the Games committee.
By entering the Virginia Commonwealth Games, all athletes must consent to abide by the rules and regulations of the Virginia Commonwealth Games with regard to eligibility and disciplinary action.